A Master of Habit Change.

The question I always get is, "Ok, so what is a health coach?" Put simply, a health coach is a master of habit change. I empower my clients to rewire their brains to make powerful changes that stem from the deep levels of belief and identity.

See, our thoughts become beliefs, our beliefs impact our feelings, and our feelings dictate our actions. Behavior change without belief change is only temporary. Behavior change rooted in belief upgrading lasts a lifetime. There’s a reason for everything you do. Through the transformational coaching method, we’ll have the opportunity to dive deep and upgrade this system and transform you from the inside out.

It's not about eat this, not that. Restrictive diets keep us stuck in a war on food and our bodies. Why? Because we're human, by nature, we want what we can't have. And... what's life without your most favorite foods? I coach my clients to become Intuitive Eaters, because the research is solid: diets are the problem, not the solution.

I coach my clients to love their bodies: right now. I coach my clients to discover what healthy living looks like to them. You're the expert on you. I help my clients uncover their own intuitive body wisdom so that they can free themselves from food/body/exercise preoccupation and live their best lives.  

If you've ever wanted to feel better in your own skin, a health coach is the secret to success. I'll have your back through it all, giving you the system, support and accountability you need to thrive.


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