In the Love Your Body, Live Your Life Program, we'll work one-on-one to:

  • Set specific health and wellness goals and uncover why they truly matter to you

  • Discover what foods make you feel best

  • Learn how to honor your hunger and eat intuitively

  • Ditch diets forever and free yourself from food/exercise/body obsession

  • Find ways to joyfully incorporate movement into your daily life

  • Develop authentic love for your body as it is right now

  • Discover the meanings of your cravings

  • Build strategies to reduce stress

  • Free yourself from societal "body ideals"

  • Reflect and dig deep into on our beliefs on food, exercise and body image

  • Say goodbye to the all/nothing mentality

  • Other areas based on the needs and wants of the client

Every Love Your Body, Live Your Life Program is designed around the specific needs of an individual client. We work  together to overcome your unique challenges and accomplish your unique goals.

There's no judgment in this process, it's all about curiosity. It's amazing what opens up for us when take the time to tune in and give ourselves attention for a change.

More Deets, Please!

The 90-Day Program is my signature program. It includes 12 phone calls or in-person meetings, depending on location and preferences (aka weekly sessions for 12 weeks!) You'll also be able to reach out to me throughout the week with any challenges or SUCCESS stories to share (my favorite!)

Live in New York City? Boston? Denver? San Diego? No problem! Coaching over the phone is a GREAT way to go. I think phone calls can be even more powerful. Less distraction and the comfort of being in your own home! And nop, I don't use Skype or FaceTime. Old school, phone, yo!