I’ve witnessed first hand the life-changing magic of intuitive eating. I went from being constantly stressed and distracted by food to a place of FREEDOM and empowerment with food. First, I experienced it in my own life. Then, I witnessed my private coaching clients transform right in front of my eyes. My clients consistently tell me their intuitive eating coaching experience was, "life-changing," "transformational," and "empowering."

So I got to thinking. I can only coach so many women one-on-one... so how can I spread this powerful intuitive eating journey to more people?!

Enter: Intuitive Eating The Group Experience. In this program, I translate my private coaching into a group setting. You'll get the opportunity to coach with me biweekly, through group coaching calls, because I knows how important that support is to your growth. You now ALSO get monthly private calls with me because I want to dive deep together 1:1 to uncover and upgrade your stuck points.

“This program changes everything. I am able to use my brain for other things besides worrying about food or the way my body looks or how others see me. This program is like the fog dissipating from your glasses. It allows you to see the diet industry for what it truly is...a huge scam to make money off people perpetually feeling terrible about their bodies and themselves. It's an endless cycle of telling us what we need to 'fix' or 'tighten'... That fog clears and you can see that bodies aren't meant to be one-size-fits-all. When you silence out all that noise, you can focus on what truly matters - loving your truest self and your body.” - past participant

In This Program, You’ll Learn to…

  • Become more attuned to your body

  • Develop a mindfulness practice

  • Trade in judgement for compassion and curiosity


  • Release the harmful all or nothing mentality

  • Understand and honor your body's biological signals of hunger and fullness

  • Consistently eat foods that make you feel wonderful (mentally, emotionally and physically)

  • Make peace with those foods you once felt controlled by (i.e. the foods you don't keep in the house...!)

  • Understand what your cravings mean when you're not hungry

  • Develop a variety of strategies to cope with your emotions so that food is not the only solution

  • Move your body in a way that brings YOU joy

  • Deeply respect your body

  • Challenge the nasty voices in your head that bring you down

  • Heighten satisfaction in every meal

  • FREE UP BRAIN SPACE from the constant worry about what/when/how much you're eating

  • Become more compassionate with yourself and others

  • *Gentle* nutrition

Past Participant Celebrations:

“I gained more body awareness and love for who I am mind body & spirit.

“My biggest celebrations are understanding that food is food, knowing that being healthy in my body type is ok, and the ability to love myself and be curious.”

“I knew I was headed down a dangerous road with food and body issues. I was feeling the effects throughout my life, and I needed the outside support to help me make a change. This program gave me freedom. Freedom not only from dieting but the controlling limitations I was putting on myself and my life. I'm still a work in progress, but I have the foundation and knowledge to continue to improve my relationship with food, my body and my mindset. This program has helped give me perspective that life is not all or nothing. And to be more compassionate with myself as I learn (or unlearn) how I relate to food and movement in a way that is most beneficial to myself.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work, exactly? You’ll get course content delivered every Saturday that includes videos, handouts and action steps for each week. The video content is no more than 30 min (MAX!) each week, so even the busiest person can fit this into their week! You’ll also have the private facebook group where Julie will support you Monday through Friday! You and your tribe will share ah-ha’s, celebrations and struggles throughout the week so that you can get support from Julie and your new friends. You also have a 90-minute group coaching call every other week. They happen on Wednesday or Thursday nights. In these calls, we’ll come together as a group to work through any challenges that come our way in a safe and encouraging space. But that’s not all… you ALSO get a 60-minute private coaching call with Julie each month for more personalized work!

What if I get nervous in groups? Well then, this might be a beautiful stretch for you! Your challenges are your greatest gifts, they show you where you have an opportunity to grow. This group could be even MORE transformational for you because it scares you!

What are the benefits of group coaching? There is so much power in having a whole community of support. You not only have Julie, but you have 5 other women on this journey with you. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you’re not alone, and to have 6 other women support you! Talk about transformational! You’ll also get to practice being seen and heard through the facebook group and group calls. What does this mean? It means you’ll be sharing your voice. So often, we hide in our lives because we’re worried about what others might think of us. Group coaching provides a safe space for you to speak up, be seen, be heard and to practice letting go of worrying about what others think. You’ll also learn so much from the other women in the group. And because there’s a facebook group, you’ll get LOTS of access to support from Julie.

I’m really busy, is now the right time? Is there ever a “right” time? So often we hold ourselves back waiting for the “perfect” time to do something. Well, we just may wait forever, because things always come up! Enrolling in this program is about you saying YES to living your best life. It’s about you saying you don’t want to waste another day of your life stuck where you are. This program is about you prioritizing yourself, your health, your happiness. Get curious: is your worry that “now isn’t the right time” a shield because you’re afraid of change? Or of failure? Ask yourself: what would you do if you knew you would not fail?

What if I have to miss a group call? Don’t worry! Julie will record the session so you can still gain all the goodness that happened during the 90-minute call!