The Intuitive Life Membership: Monthly

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the intuitive life membership.png

The Intuitive Life Membership: Monthly

15.00 every month

Trying to live this whole ‘intuitive eating life’ thing, but feel the challenge of living in diet culture? Hear people at work talking about their diets and wish you had a group of intuitive eating women you could constantly surround yourself with when you need a little love and encouragement?

Welcome home girl. This is your space.

Are ya also interested in diving deeper into your mindset and carefully curating your beliefs far beyond food and body so that you can life an empowered intuitive life?

Then girl, this is for you.

Or maybe you’ve just heard about intuitive eating and body positivity, and you are looking for a way to dive deeper into it. This is space for you, too.

Join my private community for daily support and inspiration around living an intuitive life: food, exercise, and far, far beyond. This community is here for you to get support not only from me, but the fellow community members, too!

You’ll get access to the private Facebook community which will be a safe space for you to go when you need to connect to the intuitive eating (+BEYOND) universe!

This also includes a Member’s only monthly podcast, Facebook Live workshops, and a monthly Live Q+A for any and all questions and challenges that pop up throughout the month! You can ask your question live or post questions on the group page before the Q+A!

You’ll be the first to know about any events and coaching opportunities!

Sound like this is just the boost of support and love you need to carryout your intuitive eating + LIFE journey?

Thought so. I have your back always, girl!

Simply press subscribe and complete the purchase. Then you’ll get an email with the link to join the private group within 24 hours.