If you feel tired, no… EXHAUSTED

From a never-ending stream of negative thoughts about your body, binge eating, and how you feel about yourself on a day-to-day basis…

Then this might be EXACTLY what you NEED TO READ to finally become…


It’s a message that asks you to:

  1. Make peace with food

  2. Honor your hunger and fullness

  3. Reconnect with your true inner-voice

And, it should come as no surprise to you our society teaches us the exact OPPOSITE when we are little girls.



What if there was another message out there?

A message that - instead of ramping up the internal shame levels - empowered you to stand firm and FULLY in your own skin?

A way to live your life so profoundly connected with your true self, it spread to your family and friends, and maybe even… your broader community?

A life where it was possible for you to enjoy food and enjoy your body?

Would you be able to hear that message?

I was in the 7th grade when I began my first diet…


7th grade.

At the ripe “old” age of 12, I turned down a path that would bring with it a decade of misery and self-doubt.

My life became one of constant obsession with the Unholy Trinity of food, eating and weight.

It was absolutely draining.

And, it only got worse from there.

My mind became like a portable prison. Everywhere I went, everyone I met, everything I experienced… my prison came along with me.

Every time I was invited to the beach or a pool party, I wanted to slip on my invisible cloak and dig myself a deep hole in my bedroom. How could I ever attend those events in the body I have?

When I did attend social events, I was “there,” but not there. I was a “muted” version of myself. Always wrapped-up in my own mind, insecure about my looks, afraid of how others viewed me.

Memories that should have filled me with joy brought back feelings of low self-worth.

And, finding relationships and connecting with people on a deeper level?


Impossibilities for me. (No wonder I didn’t have boyfriends throughout high school or college…)

My headspace was totally filled. There was no room for anyone else.

What a waste of a life!

And of course, the truly devious part?

The messages and voices inside of me were planted there by society.

The fact is they did not come from my own true, authentic voice.

Those messages were so pervasive - so loud - they were like a big screen movie theatre - projecting false images so large in my mind, I mistook them for my own voice.

It was a dark stage in my life.

But I knew it hadn’t always been that way.

I remembered building castles in the sand as a kid. Sitting there all day, bent over as I molded my kingdom.

Not even ONCE did I worry about how my body looked while doing it.

I yearned for a return to those carefree days.

Let me guess…

Sounds a little familiar to ya. Doesn’t it?


Diet Culture is a Racket!

Our culture is a diet-obsessed culture. (Or these days, it’s “wellness obsessed”)

And, of course, it’s EVERYWHERE.

Everywhere you go, it’s in your face.

You watch TV… it’s in your face. You’re on Instagram or Facebook… it’s in your face.

Heck, your co-workers probably put it….

…in your face.

There’s a never-ending howl of “OMG you juuuust have to try this!”

A new diet “guaranteed” to work. A solution to fix all of your eating and body-issue (and life) woes.

The truth is they never work. At least, not long-term.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been on a diet that I didn’t eventually end up hating.

Hate? Is that too light of a word?

Ok, let’s go with despise.

And I would know. I’ve tried SO many of them.

Weight Watchers, Atkins, Paleo, Whole30, juice cleanses… to name a few…

How many did you check off that list? Maybe you’ve recently tried Whole30 or Keto or Tone It Up or Intermittent Fasting?

Here’s the thing: no matter how hard you try or how much weight you lose, you never ultimately feel satisfied with yourself.

(The time I lost the most weight… I was the MOST miserable.)

Diet culture teaches you a circle of hating yourself and your body.

Over and over again the message remains the same… “you’re not good enough.”

While you are working up your inner resolve to start fresh Monday - to absolve yourself from a weekend of binge eating - marketing departments across the country are busily creating YOUR next “new” diet.

They’ve even started auditions for their spokesperson. A tiny, skinny girl is going to tell you what to eat? #puhlease

The new diet you and your friends are so excited to start and incessantly talk about is forgetting the most essential ingredient.


Y’know, the actual human being who has to, yet again, implement another set of standards and rules.

A real, live, living and breathing dynamic person who might not want to eat salad for a week straight!


Don’t worry. There is a way to opt out of all of this white noise.

All you have to do is say, “I’m done. I’m done with diet culture.”

Once you are ready to make that commitment, I’d like to introduce you to a real solution.

A solution that will fill you with joy and self-love.

I’d like you to introduce you to… YOURSELF.

But first, before we can proceed, there is a big myth we gotta knock outta the gray matter floating in our heads.

The Big Myth Keeping You Stuck in Diet Purgatory

“I hear you, Julie, our culture is diet obsessed… but isn’t the problem with me? Not the diets?

When I talk to other women about saying no to diet culture, this is the #1 concern preventing them from making real change. And nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s. Not. Your. Fault.

It’s not your fault that the culture we live in systematically works to keep you down. That your beliefs are not your own.

But what’s the first thing we do as women? We blame ourselves.

This system of oppression works so well that we have no idea it even exists.

So, you blame yourself. You think there is something wrong with YOU.

But, what does science say about Dieting?

(*Note: dieting is ANY pursuit for intentional weight-loss)

Every year, science continues to confirm our worst suspicions about dieting. Facts like: 95% of people will regain the weight they lose from a diet, and 60% will regain more than they started with.

That dieting is a consistent predictor of WEIGHT GAIN. Our brains are smart. Our bodies are smart. It will crank up cravings. That’s your body having a normal, healthy response!

Your body goes into stress mode. Digestion and metabolism slow down. It stores fat easier.

There isn’t a SINGLE medical study to show that any diet is long-term sustainable.

But, these don’t make the headlines, do they?

Or if they do, they are a teeny tiny speck on the screen that gets crowded out by a mountain of diet voices, images and advertisements.


Dieting and losing weight is NOT the price you pay to be a human being.

Adjust your internal dial… intuitive eating lets you tap into your deepest desires and make them a reality!

Before I discovered Intuitive Eating, the biggest question circling around my mind was… if traditional health tactics don’t work, what’s the alternative?

The more I studied, the more I began to realize the answer was deep inside of me.

I needed to learn to listen to myself - to block out all the noise preventing me from hearing my own voice.

Every once in a while, I would come across a gem of a quote, reminding me of just how powerful all of us genuinely are on the inside.

Take for example this one… (READ IT TWICE)


“You have fifteen billion brain cells that together are twinkling with the circuitry of a thousand cities.

Your ears can hear 1600 frequencies, ranging from 20 to 2000 cycles per second.

Your eyes can detect a single Photon of light. And the 800,000 fibers in each of your optic nerves transmit more information from 132 million rods and cones to your brain than the world’s largest Optical computer system.

Your 206 bones and 656 muscles form a more functionally diverse system of capabilities than any known creature.”


Imagine what your life will be like when you learn how to listen to your own inner voice. Imagine leveraging the power that is already inside each and every one of us.

Our bodies already know what to do. We just need to listen to them.

How will your life transform when you dare to trust yourself?

How will your life feel when you learn how to tune in and treat yourself with love and kindness no matter what?

When you free yourself from the obsession of food and binge eating, you gain more happiness in your mental space.

It frees you to connect with new people. Or, develop a deeper bond with those in your life now.

When you are happy with yourself and your personal being mentally, physically and emotionally, everything else falls into place.

Imagine not worrying about what foods are good and what foods are bad but just listening to your body instead.

When you learn to listen to yourself, you become better at listening to other people.

When you learn to trust yourself, you can trust other people.

And, as you learn to love yourself more, you learn to love others more.

That is the secret to healthy, joyful living.

Intuitive Eating helped me become the woman I always wanted to be.

Now, when looking in the mirror, I see that young girl making castles in the sand looking back at me and saying…

“Yeah, that’s the girl! That’s the version of me I wanted to become.”


Meet Julie!

Intuitive Eating set me free.

My feet are still trying to find the ground!

It turned me from someone timid and ashamed, holding back on living the life of my dreams, and transformed me into Sasha F’in Fierce.

It opened me up to the truth that we’re all meant to come in different body shapes and sizes.

It allowed me to have what I once thought was impossible: a “normal” relationship to food, and, dare I say… a loving and empowering relationship with my body and my self.

Before Intuitive Eating, I thought I was at a disadvantage because of my body size. After Intuitive Eating, I realized my body and size are my greatest assets.

This work has FREED me and enabled me to be my authentic self and to live my best life.

Now, I feel it’s my sacred duty to share this work with other women.

It was September 2017 and I had just moved in with my then boyfriend at the time and wanted to tackle my food issues so we could more fully enjoy our new phase in life together. Little did I know that within four months, I would have a new job and be engaged. I could not have taken these huge steps forward in my life without working with Julie to make room for these big new things because I was so consumed with food and my body.

—Tricia F.

When we first started this transformation journey, I thought the ultimate goal was to “feel like my old self again.” How amazing to now realize that I get to feel like a completely NEW version of myself! One that is strong and confident, compassionate and curious, healthy and mindful, and honors EVERY version of myself that I have ever been, and ever will be. I now know how important it is to love myself for everything I am and everything I’m not, and most importantly, I know that I DESERVE love – unconditionally. I now feel the most beautiful when I am the least “perfect,” because the word has a completely new meaning. Beauty is laughter and love, it is sweat and movement and strength, it is choosing foods that make me happy and not giving a damn if they are “healthy” or not, and it is choosing to put myself first – without guilt or worry about what others think. Waking up every day and feeling like I am WHERE I am supposed to be WHEN I’m supposed to be and HOW I am supposed to be is beautiful! All of our work with Intuitive Eating, mindfulness, body image, and transformation has come together to create a wonderful sense of EMPOWERMENT in my life, and I am beyond excited to see all of the amazing things I am going to accomplish this year and the rest of my life without fear or doubt to hold me back.

I have always believed that people come into our lives for a reason – some to stay, some to go, and some to alter our paths forever. You are one of those people. Three years ago, I walked into my first ever Cycle class with you as the instructor, and walked out completely in love with it. This year, you helped me fall in love with myself. “Thank you” is simply not big enough for completely changing my life! I am so excited to continue on this journey with you as a wonderful coach and friend!



Julie has been such a great coach and an inspiration to me. I can't say enough that once I started my journey with her, my career doors opened, then my personal life opened up more, I mean let's be honest I am now MARRIED, and I never thought that would happen. My work relationships have gotten so much better, my self-confidence is at 100%, and I have more time to perform self-care and spend a great time with friends. What more can I ask from Julie... absolutely NOTHING! She is an amazing coach, and I don't know what I would have done without her and the amazing support from the Intuitive Eating groups I have been a part of, too. That has been amazing and so precious to me. Group support totals and relate is the BEST!


Julie taught me really simple things that I've built into a lifestyle. She's taught me how to motivate myself and make time for myself in a way I had never done before. She taught me to see beyond my weight and how to be kind to myself. Some sessions I was in a really tough place and Julie would reconstruct her plan to meet me where I was. She has helped me combat some really hard, dark thoughts I never wanted to be uncovered, but have sense found a way to manage. For the first time in my life, I Feel really healthy and in a way I'm able to maintain.



Introducing: Intuitive Eating: The Group Experience

August 24 - December 21

A 4-month group coaching experience for women who are ready to step into the best version of themselves and put an end for the obsession with food and diet culture.

We give you both external tools and internal tools you need to transform your life right NOW!

We’ll be teaching some of our best strategies when it comes to mindset, eating, exercise and body image. This is a transformation from the inside, out. It’s a re-wiring of your brain.

This is where you uncover your food and body blocks and turn them into building blocks.

The Group Experience will be the tipping point to changing how you show up in all areas of your life.


Here’s what you get:

Your new best friend, me, Julie!

One of my favorite parts of this program is getting to know each and every one of you on a much deeper, personal level.

2 private, 1:1 coaching calls with Intuitive Eating Coach Kathleen Layer or me! Holler!

(That’s Kath with me in the pic! She’s an INCREDIBLE coach, I only work with the best, duh!)


Group Coaching!

How does bi-weekly, 75-minute group coaching sessions sound? They all happen via Zoom, so we can see your beautiful face! There are at most 5 women per group. You’ll be coached by me or Coach Kathleen Layer! We’ll also come together for a big intro group call and celebration call!

That’s a total of 9 group calls! WHAT? Yes!


Private Facebook Group

Finally, a space for women who want encouragement and support without having to talk about macro and micronutrients!

This Facebook group is your go-to place for daily support, celebration and community building! It’s humbling and empowering to know that you’re not the only person going through what you’re going through.

A community around you makes the work so much easier and so much more fun! You get to see the magic working with other people, which helps it spread to you!

It’s a judgement-free-zone!

Plus… a Comprehensive Intuitive Eating Course… Duh!

An online platform that delivers 12 modules of video content and handouts each week (one week off each month for content catch-up and a breather!)

Here’s the Week-by-Week Content Breakdown!

Module 1: Vision Setting, Your Big MOFA, and the Power of Mindfulness

  • Set the foundations for a powerful 4-month journey

  • Discover a powerful way to set a vision for what you hope to gain from the program, and why it’s important to you

  • Learn a few foundational paradigms that you can implement in your life… in the first week!

  • We’ll also go over a few foundational paradigms that will guide this program, and two weekly rituals to begin to practice!

  • Learn a quick exercise that helps you dig into your why (and how that discovery can speed up your transformation).

Module 2: Rejecting the Diet Mentality

  • This week we do a deep dive into the research behind Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size

  • Discover what science says about Diet Culture and how diets are harmful to our mental, physical and emotional well-being


Module 3: Honoring Hunger

  • Learn how to get to know and trust that your body will tell you what, when and how much to eat.

  • Understand the hunger scale and how to precisely tell what your hunger feels like.

  • We’ll also talk about the importance of honoring your hunger… aka EATING!

Module 4: Honoring Fullness

  • This week we bring it full circle with how to honor your fullness

  • We’ll do a deep dive into not only what does fullness feel like, but what does satisfaction feel like, and other psychological components of how to honor your fullness.

Module 5: Getting to Know Your Food Voices

  • Have you ever wondered about all those little voices in your head that tell you to “eat this! not that!” or… “don’t eat now, eat later…” or whatever they may be… we’ll talk about the different food voices in your head, and begin to understand how to silence the nasty Food Police so that we can turn the volume up on our Intuitive Eater.

  • Plus, learn the differences between the voice in your head that comes from diet culture, from self-care, or from a body cue.

Module 6: Learning to Cope with Emotions

  • This week we talk about understanding cravings, head hunger, and how to deal with our emotions!

  • We’ll learn about emotional eating and why it’s not a bad thing in and of itself! You’ll be able to identify and understand your feelings and needs so that you’re taking care of your whole self.

Module 7: Making Peace with Food

  • This is an exciting week as we’ll really apply what we’ve been working on for the past few weeks in a fun (maybe scary for some!) way. You’ll use the Making Peace with Food Exercise to move forward with confidence.

  • Learn what happens psychologically when we declare a food as “bad” or “off-limits”

  • We’ll learn how to make peace with food so that we can enjoy our favorite foods! This can be a LIFE changer.

Module 8: Discover the Satisfaction Factor!

  • This week we get to talk about something super fun… SATISFACTION!

  • Did you know that increasing your satisfaction with each meal is actually a crucial thing? Because it is!

  • Learn how to get to know what you want to eat so that you can maximize your satisfaction and feel great!

Module 9: Learning to Respect Your Body

  • This week, we will talk about what it means to respect our bodies. Maybe you already have a great relationship with your body, perhaps you hate your body. Maybe you have good and bad days… wherever you are, this week is for you.

Module 10: Finding Joyful Movement

  • Learn how to fall back in love with moving your body!

  • We’ll do a deep dive into what it means to find joyful movement, and why it’s so important!

Module 11: Honoring Your Health Through Gentle Nutrition

  • This week, you will learn how to include nutrition into the whole Intuitive Eating philosophy.

  • Learn to assess your readiness to add gentle nutrition (remember, this program teaches you to listen to your inner voice!)

Module 12: Celebration and Wrap-Up!

  • This is a week of CELEBRATION! We share our stories, reflections, biggest ah-ha’s from the past 4 months!

  • We’ll do a quick intuitive Eating Assessment, too!

Your Investment


Cash Flow Friendly Options

12 Monthly Payments of


My program with Julie was revolutionary. We worked through so many of my beliefs - however well-intentioned they began - that had been holding me down for so long. The tools and the mindset that I developed with Julie is a part of me now, and I hope everyone has the opportunity to get out from under all those limiting beliefs. This may sound silly, but I know it to be true, my body and I are friends now, and I'm working on that relationship every day. For me, this is a revolution all by itself, and it has changed my life.


Other good news and progress!! I purchased a pool pass. What?! Who am I!!! And I went tonight for the first time. It wasn’t as warm as I thought, but it still felt awesome to swim around and be out in my suit. Side note: I went with my mom and she told me how much of a fish I used to be and how she couldn’t pry me away from the pool. Then, puberty. And self consciousness.

Seriously, I never thought I could even get to a point where i could wear a swimming suit in public. Let alone BUY a pool pass. It’s just so crazy to me. And amazing. Along with liberating. And I don’t even THINK about what people see or if they are looking. Like, those are the types of things that would consume me before. That experience a year ago, it would have been torture. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself at all. I would have been constantly thinking about leaving, and the shortest distance to the pool. And how I could cover myself to not offend others. But today, I can say to myself, “self, let’s go to the pool.” And GO and have a great time!!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that finally, after all these years of trying to hide myself for when I’m X, I am actually able to live my life and love my body . I am able to be unapologetically, perfectly imperfect me. And i love it. Fuck all those that don’t. That’s changed my life for the better in soooo many ways, but most importantly in the BEST ways.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve shown me that i can be. To allow me to find my true self again.



4 Monthly Payments of


What a journey in 3 short months with Julie. When I stumbled upon Julie's program, I thought, 'okay, someone is going to teach me how to eat WITHOUT having to be on a diet program... cool!' Little did I know that this program is so much more than that. It isn't just nutrition and exercise. It is the gift of body positivity and empowerment. And it is life-changing! Julie creates a safe space to allow for deep personal reflection. She shows her clients that there is another way to live outside of diet culture. She listens, understands, supports and encourages curiosity. I am growing as a person and living my life regardless of my size, thanks to Julie.


The program was life-changing. Life altering. It's different than anything else I've ever experienced. The whole thing was an ah-ha moment. It's not just this thing I did for a few months, it'll stick with me for life. It's about looking at the big picture of diet culture, and it's huge! It's really huge! I'm sorry that I didn't learn this 15 years ago! This has been a really big deal for me. I remember being nervous to contact Julie. Honestly the whole program was so much more than anything I could ever imagine.


I was just plain tired of dieting. It was exhausting and frustrating. What I’m finding with her health coaching program is it’s NOT just another diet, it’s about truly loving your body and what you are as a person are truly capable of accomplishing. I’ve just completed my 8th coaching session, and I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish and how my thoughts about how I look at food have truly shifted in a positive way. I love the fact that Julie holds me accountable with my action steps and that she doesn’t hold back sharing her own personal experiences with me."



Pay Less Option!

One-Time Payment of


I did Julie's private coaching and holy LIFE CHANGING. Seriously. Nothing will ever be able to explain this transformation/change/connection to myself that I found. It's so hard for me to explain because it's the feelings I feel now, the entire process I went through to focus on ME, and to do this for myself. Words will never do it justice. Before this program, I felt so powerless, controlled, timid, self-conscious. Here I am just three months later and I can genuinely feel a difference. I now literally physically feel powerful, confident and like a controller. I feel FREE and HAPPY, I feel proud. I feel proud of me, who I authentically, naturally am, and what I love and enjoy. I feel more energized as I have so much more time and energy to spend on doing things I enjoy and spending time with people I enjoy being with. At the end of the day, I could not have experienced any or gotten to where I am without the best coach around.


Julie has helped me believe the truth - that I am beautifully enough for myself and everyone around me. Not only am I enough, but that I deserve my own time and energy. Having someone hold you accountable for your HAPPINESS and HEALTH and not superficial things that the world tells you you need to be is incredibly empowering.

I’ve learned to train my mind to value what I have and listen to my body, because if there’s one thing you will learn from Julie it’s that your body is smart. What made Julie’s program work for me is that she helps you completely without judgement. When life gets busy or I don’t meet a goal for the week we just get curious about it - there are no faults or consequences. Health coaching with Julie is an all encompassing wellness adventure that builds lifelong healthy habits, not quick fixes that are unsustainable.



Who’s This Program

Perfect For?

- You want to develop a more positive self-image and stop holding yourself up to standards that NO ONE can live up to

- You are looking to jump-off this WHOLE diet train and find new ways to find joy, energy and self-love

- You desperately want to end this food obsession “thing” you got going on and find new ways to focus on improving your life and reaching your goals

- You are looking for new ways to feel good in both your body and mind

- You would appreciate someone, like Julie, working with you, helping you understand yourself and your cravings, and hold you accountable

- You appreciate a group of like-minded individuals who encourage and support you (And, where you can give others encouragement and support.)

- You are DONE comparing what you eat to what others are eating, worrying about what others think about what you are eating, or just avoiding social situations that involve food

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 4 of the 7 points above, then I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to meet you inside of Intuitive Eating: The Group Experience!

Today Marks a Turning Point in Your Life

Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) gnaw at you until next year.

We only run this group experience twice a year, and afterward there will be a flood of “wish I was there,” “so jelly right now,” and “I’m in for the next one” messages.

Fair warning, if you skip out on this experience and wait until next year, we can guarantee you’ll be kicking yourself. We can confidently say this is one of those events where you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Imagine if you could only be even a fraction stronger mentally and physically than you are now.

How grateful would you be?

Remember, this all works together. When you are happy with yourself - physically and mentally - everything else starts to fall into place.

If your heart’s calling you to join us, then we can’t wait to surround you in hugs and high fives.

Of course…

You can always wait for the next “new” diet.

It’s right around the corner.

The marketers are preparing it as we speak.

They are fine-tuning messaging right now. Ready to fill your mental space with images of body glory. Ready to hand you a new set of standards that you MUST live up to. Ready to consume your family and social life.

Ready to make yourself live up to an unlivable standard.


… to consume you.

Hey! I have an idea.

What if we skip out on the next diet?

How about we take a pass this time ‘round?

Make a choice to stop dieting forever.

Right now.

I promise you everything is going to change.

Let’s do it together!

The Group Experience Sounds Dope, but I Gotta Ask…


Q: How does the program work, exactly?

A: You’ll get course content delivered every Saturday that includes videos, handouts and action steps for each week. The video content is no more than 30 min (MAX!) each week, so even the busiest person can fit this into their week!

You’ll also have the private facebook group where Julie will support you Monday through Friday! You and your tribe will share ah-ha’s, celebrations and struggles throughout the week so that you can get support from Julie and your new friends.

You also have a 90-minute group coaching call every other week. We’ll take a poll to see what time works best for everyone! Typically week night evenings Monday-Wednesday. In these calls, we’ll come together as a group to work through any challenges that come our way in a safe and encouraging space.

But that’s not all… you ALSO get 2 60-minute private coaching calls with Julie for more personalized work!

Q: What if I have to miss a group call?

A: Don’t worry! Julie will record the session so you can still gain all the goodness that happened during the call!

Q: What if I get nervous in groups?

A: Well then, this might be a beautiful stretch for you! Your challenges are your greatest gifts, they show you where you have an opportunity to grow. This group could be even MORE transformational for you because it scares you!

Q: I’m swamped with life, is now the right time?

A: Is there ever a “right” time? So often we hold ourselves back waiting for the “perfect” time to do something. Well, we just may wait forever, because things always come up!

Enrolling in this program is about you saying YES to living your best life.

It’s about you saying you don’t want to waste another day of your life stuck where you are.

This program is about you prioritizing yourself, your health, your happiness.

Get curious: is your worry that “now isn’t the right time” a shield because you’re afraid of change? Or of failure? Ask yourself: what would you do if you knew you would not fail?

Q: What are the benefits to group coaching?

A: There is so much power in having a whole community of support. You not only have Julie, but you have 5 other women on this journey with you.

It’s a beautiful thing to know that you’re not alone, and to have 6 other women support you! Talk about transformational!

You’ll also get to practice being seen and heard through the facebook group and group calls. What does this mean? It means you’ll be sharing your voice. So often, we hide in our lives because we’re worried about what others might think of us.

Group coaching provides a safe space for you to speak up, be seen, be heard and to practice letting go of worrying about what others think.

You’ll also learn so much from the other women in the group. And because there’s a facebook group, you’ll get LOTS of access to support from Julie.

Image-64 (1).jpg

Let’s break it all down. Here’s what you get.

2 1:1 coaching calls with Kathleen or Julie

9 group coaching calls with at most 5 women (led by Kathleen or Julie)

Private Facebook Community for daily support + celebration + community building

Intuitive Eating Online course that delivers 12 modules of video content and handouts to empower your intuitive eating practice.

Your Investment


Cash Flow

12 Monthly Payments of


Through my sessions with Julie, I learned that I get to define my success – no one else. I get to make a choice – to love my body, love myself – and this choice liberates me to live a life without restriction or judgement or negative self-talk. This choice allows me to enjoy the foods I love (and had always been taught to hate), truly embrace nourishing and energizing foods, and to be patient and compassionate with myself.

Tonight I went for a 4 mile run – let me tell you, it’s been a while since I’ve gone out for that long of a run. Instead of dreading it, feeling like I ‘had to’ in order to burn calories and speed up my metabolism, I left thinking to myself ‘wow, what a gift that I get to enjoy this beautiful evening and this beautiful city, and my legs get to carry me through that. And you know what? It’s okay if I want to walk or slow down – this isn’t about punishment, it’s about embracing my body.’ I’ve started to think about exercise as a gift, not a punishment.

Now, I started this letter with a story about Julie’s grace filled accompaniment 5 years ago – and let me tell you, I am so grateful to have been on the receiving end of her accompaniment through her coaching. She is patient, empathetic, encouraging, and challenges me to shift perspectives that I’ve been holding onto for 29 years. Julie is a powerful advocate for women, working to lift each of her clients up so that they are able to see a new horizon and a different future for themselves and for their bodies. She is an activist in her own quiet way, doing her part to deconstruct the destructive and oppressive messages our society has pushed onto women.

Julie, you have showed me in a whole new way about how to love myself, and to me that is such a beautiful example of God’s love. Thank you, Julie, for shining this new light into my life – it has truly transformed me.



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I started Julie's program when I was going through a hard time and knew I wanted to start taking better care of myself and creating healthier habits. When we first set my initial goals, I remember thinking they would be so hard to achieve. Now, however, week after week I am hitting my goals and meeting my expectations with ease because my goals have become habits. I am thankful to Julie for keeping me accountable during this process. I had it in me all along, I just needed the extra push. I wouldn't have gotten this far without Julie by my side... and she keeps it fun and positive!



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When I discovered Julie's Health Coaching website and blog, I was amazed at how much I related to her and her clients' experiences. I read on, and it made me feel comforted knowing that some else had made peace with the same things I was having problems with. I knew at that moment that I needed to stop wishing my life would change and actually DO something about it. Working with Julie has changed so many aspects of my life. I have stopped labeling certain foods as "bad" or "good." I discovered that I wasn't happy with the mentality that I had to workout (all the time). I changed my routine and found movement that makes my body happy. Friends and family members have even said how I am such a happier person. I feel so inspired by Julie to love my life and find joy in every aspect of it. Thank you Julie for helping me every step of the way!