Looking to Begin or Up-Level Your Intuitive Eating Coaching Game? Girl. I got you.

Here’s the thing. I’m super passionate about spreading intuitive eating and body positivity as far and wide as I can. It’s changed my life and the lives of my clients. I desire impact on a mass scale, not a small one. And I know that I can’t do it alone. I know that to take down diet culture, we need an army of loving, compassionate, heart-centered, well-trained intuitive eating coaches. Enter: coaching for coaches.

The single greatest thing I ever did for my coaching biz was to hire my own mindset coach. Within 4 months working with her, I broke through my self-imposed glass ceiling and completely up-leveled my business. Only my second year in biz, I’m on track to triple my impact from my first year.

What most people won’t tell you about running your coaching biz… (or life in general, really) is that it’s truly not about your email list or boosting facebook ads, although those things are great and all.. it’s all about your inner belief and energy system. Your beliefs and energetic vibration run the show. Tapping into your subconscious beliefs and raising your vibration changes the game and allows you to up-level your business much quicker and bigger than you ever thought possible… and with so much more ease.

Take this as an example: as I worked with my own mindset coach and began really up-leveling my inner belief and energetic system and wrapped up my own year-long transformational coaching method mastery training through the Health Coach Institute… coaches started seeking me out organically asking if I’d coach them and help them launch or up-level their own coaching businesses. Ever heard of the law of attraction? Yeah. Exactly. Without doing ANY marketing around coaching coaches, I had attracted (with ease) dream mindset coaching clients. This work lights me up. And the more I did it, the more I saw the massive breakthroughs the more I felt the passion in me to do this work on a larger scale. When I think about the impact of empowering intuitive eating and body positive coaches, I get the chills!

So many women ask me… “but Julie, is there space for more intuitive eating coaches? Is the market saturated?”

My short answer? We live in an abundant Universe, and we all have a special gift to share. If you feel called to be an intuitive eating coach, I believe you are meant to be one. And when I look around the world and see how rampant diet culture is, how it’s EVERYWHERE we look, how many people I see struggling in their bodies, I think to myself, ‘we need as many intuitive eating coaches as we can possibly get!’

Another thing? I don’t believe in competition within coaches (or really, anything). I believe there is space for ALL of us. I believe in collaboration, not competition. That’s why I coach coaches who do the exact same thing I do! I believe that people need specific coaches who match their energetic vibration. I believe that people are drawn to a specific coach’s unique energy and story. I believe there are so many women who need YOUR specific gift. And I believe there are so many women who need MY specific gift.

So yes girl, there is absolutely room for you. In fact, WE NEED YOU to join our intuitive eating, body positive team.

I believe that in order to build the wildly successful, impactful coaching practice of your dreams, it’s 90% inner work, 10% outter work. What does this mean? It means that your inner work, your personal growth, your belief systems is at the root of attracting your dream clients and coaching in the powerful way you know you’re meant to. Our subconscious brain runs the show. Our inner beliefs create our external realities.

It’s been through my transformational coaching method training and deep dive into the laws of the universe and manifestation that I’ve seen my own business prosper, as well as my clients’.

The other work we’ll do together is the “outter work,” the aligned action that it takes to get your message out there and learning what it means to be a true intuitive eating, body positive coach. We’ll work through the coaching methods, the logistics, how to share your message… etc.

Want a Glimpse into Working with Me?

Five of my clients in my small group mindset coaching group, +BEYOND, surprised me with this video about their experiences!

Ways to Work Together

The VIP Private +BEYOND Mindset Coaching for Intuitive Eating Coaches

This 7-month 1:1 private coaching program is for you if you’re already a certified health coach and have a background in intuitive eating. You may already have your intuitive eating counselor certification, but don’t need to have this, although I do highly recommend it!

This program is curated to meet you where you’re at. Whether you’re a newly certified coach wanting help launching your business or you already have clients and are looking to up-level, this is for you.

You will…

  • Gain the confidence and intuitive eating know-how so that you can coach like a pro

  • Learn how to coach through body image struggles on the level of beliefs and identity so that you can facilitate breakthroughs for your clients to become at peace with their bodies

  • Learn the foundations of manifestation so that you can feel inspired in her business and attract your dream clients with ease

  • Discover how to navigate the comparison drain so that you can own your space in the field and live in an abundance mindset

  • Rewire your subconscious brain around the old stories that kept you stuck so that you can live the life you desire

  • Become so grounded and confident in the HAES research so that you can share your against-the-grain message with ease

The VIP Package includes a retreat with other 1:1 clients somewhere warm and beachy! More information on this in our discovery session!

VIP +BEYOND Mastermind Mindset Coaching Program for Intuitive Eating + Women Empowerment Coaches

This 7-month mastermind only runs once a year, beginning in October and ending in June. It is a small group mastermind only open to 6 women who are ready to powerfully transform their lives and coaching businesses.

This program includes biweekly mastermind calls, a private facebook community for daily support, an online course platform, and monthly 90-minute 1:1 transformational coaching calls with me.

You will…

  • Learn the foundations of manifestation so that you can feel inspired in her business and attract your dream clients with ease as a master manifestor

  • Discover how to navigate the comparison drain so that you can own your space in the coaching field and live in an abundance mindset

  • Rewire your subconscious brain around the old stories that kept you stuck so that you can live the life you desire

  • Become so grounded and confident in your passion that you can share your message with ease

  • Learn how to work with your energy so that you can vibrate at a high level to live your life on purpose.


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Intuitive Eating +BEYOND 12-Month 1:1 Private Coaching

This program is for you if you’re new to intuitive eating yourself, but are already a health coach.

Maybe, you became a health coach, but knew you wanted a more holistic approach. Maybe, you’ve realized that you hate coaching around weight loss and want to find another way to powerfully impact your clients.

Maybe you still struggle with your own relationship to food and body image.

Through this program, we start going through my 90-day intuitive eating private coaching journey, so that you can experience the life-changing magic of intuitive eating for yourself.

We then dive into the powerful mindset work you need to transform your coaching business from the inside out and work to curate your non-diet message.

In this program, as you’re new to intuitive eating, Julie will recommend books to aid in your intuitive eating and health at every size education outside of coaching together. She will also recommend the Intuitive Eating Counselor Certification, though it is not required.

Together we’ll:

  • Dive into your own unique intuitive eating journey

  • Learn and practice the 10 principles of intuitive eating so that you can listen to and trust your body again and eat from a place of freedom, joy and connection

  • Coach through powerful body image work so that you transform the way you feel in your body and can thus empower your clients to do the same

  • Learn how to translate this journey into your own intuitive eating coaching practice

  • Uncover the patterns and stories that have kept you stuck

  • Re-imprint old limiting beliefs via the transformational coaching method

  • Powerfully work through the 12 Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction to raise your vibration to create your dream coaching practice with ease.

  • Up-level your money mindset

  • Tap into your authentic voice so that you can powerfully share your message and attract your dream clients



  • BA in Communication from Boston College

  • MA in Health Communication from The Ohio State Communication, focus: how interpersonal communication and mass media impact female body image

  • Become a Health Coach Certification from the ICF Accredited Health Coach Institute

  • Holistic MBA Mastery Transformational Coaching Certification from The Health Coach Institute

  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor